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More information about Gender Bias

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Gender bias is legally defined as the "unequal treatment in employment opportunity (such as promotion, pay, benefits and privileges), and expectations due to attitudes based on the sex of an employee or group of employees" [1].

In order to overcome these gender inequalities, we first need to accept that they exist and the fact that we may be part of this problem, even unconsciously and despite our gender. Here, we provide a list of articles and websites for anyone who wishes to learn more about gender bias in science and/or get more involved in our effort.


Sister sites:

- BiasWatchNeuro - Gender bias in Neurosciences

BiasWatchArchaeo - Gender bias in Archaeology

BiasWatchDerm - Gender bias in Dermatology

Other websites promoting women in science:

- 500 Women Scientists

- Gender InSITE 

- Women also know stuff

- Women are boring

Some articles and blogs on gender bias in science and technology:

- Journals invite too few women to referee by Jory Lerback and Brooks Hanson in Nature (2017)

- Science and sexism: In the eye of the Twitterstorm by Lauren Morello in Nature (2015)

Science and society: Together we can crush gender bias by Ana Camejo in CellPress CrossTalks (2017)

- Women scientists in psychology- time for action by F.C. Murphy, D.V.M. Bishop, and N. Sigala in the Psychologist (2014)

- How to fight race and gender bias in science by Scientific American

- Men And Women Biased About Studies Of STEM Gender Bias – In Opposite Directions by The Conversation (2015)

- Gender bias in science – new data on a man’s world by Frontiers Blog (2017)

- Understanding Implicit Bias in Tech Hiring, by Clay Gibson

- Why men don't believe the data on gender bias in science by Alison Coil in Wired (2017)

  ..and many many more are out there, just google it!

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